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The cost of accepting credit cards today is higher than ever.  Are you looking for a way to accept credit cards without the fees?   The PayLo Program is the solution for you.  Be able to apply customer assistance fees to your in-store purchases and - if you wish - offer a discount to cash-paying customers.  Join thousands of savvy business owners across the country who are keeping up with current card processing trends and saving money with PayLo.

Legally Vetted

Unlike surcharging, PayLo is legally vetted in all 50 states and is compliant with all federal laws and card processing regulations.

No Obligations

Try PayLo with your customers as long as you like. If for any reason you don't love it, we'll switch you back to traditional processing.

Fast Setup

Hassle free payment processing is just a call away. PayLo is fast to set up with durable plug-and-play equipment.

Simple Pricing

PayLo pricing and fees are fully transparent to merchants and customers.

Fully Mobile

Wireless terminals available for payments on the go. No pin pad required.

Accepts All Payments

Available for all credit card types, ApplePay and AndroidPay with EMV chip required.




Whether you are in-store or on the go, we have the technology that saves you money. All our solutions meet the federal and state regulations by automating fees and discounts with built-in technology and detailed customer receipts.

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"PayLo has made it alot easier for us to manage our income and  our net profit is looking good!"

Tatia Guillen

Alice Burgers – Palmdale, CA

“Very few customers complain and I am saving about $1,500 per month to put back into my business."

Theresa Guerra

Boost Mobile – Palmdale, CA

“PayLo offered me a different way to do business that allows me to earn about $500 per month."

George Lopez

T Town Music – Dallas, TX

  "I"m really happy with PayLo and I recommend it to anyone running a business."


Angel Yankas

  Angel Cleaners – Montebello, CA




Your New Customer Welcome Kit comes with everything you need to get up and running quickly.

By uniformly assessing a set customer assistance fee across all products and payment types, merchants utilizing the PayLo Program meet the standard regulations set forth by all major card service providers, state law and federal law. Standard pricing includes a small customer service assistance fee (much like an automatic service gratuity applied in some dining locations) that is assessed on ALL sales regardless of how payment is made including checks, cash, credit-debit cards, gift cards, etc.

Clear and conspicuous signage is required by law to be displayed at the business entry point and at the point-of-sale to easily and accurately explain the program. The customer assistance fee must be present on any generated receipts from the transaction. PayLo automates the process by applying the customer assistance fee at the time of sale. The software has been vetted and approved by all major credit card brands, state laws and federal regulations.

A Customer Notice is Required


PayLo is simple to set up with no hidden costs or fees.

Talk to us today to see how much you can save.

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